wikipediapreview box 1.0.0

What's it about

Turns any Wikipedia link automatically into a nice one with a preview box that shows the summary of the linked article. To use it: Add one line of code to your web page, that's all!

Works with touch or mouse, on mobile or laptop and it's open source; see the examples below.
Has a super simple concept for (optional) custom settings! Repository & doc on GitHub (

Try it out

Mouseover or touch the Wikipedia links (W) and see what happens.

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How to

Copy, paste & go! Paste the following line of code at the bottom of your website,  that's all. 

<script src=""></script>

Wordpress: In the admin go to "Appearance" / "Theme Editor" / "Theme Footer (footer.php)" & paste the code before the </body> tag.
Or host it yourself: Grab the code from our GitHub repository ( and use it on your website.

Customizations: There are a few options for custom settings; docs on GitHub (

Features & characteristics

E.g. show only the summery text, customize the width, prevent displaying a specific preview box (e.g. Heatwave (, easy settings, more ...
See the whole list on GitHub (

About this project

We did this for «THE ! association» ( and for using it on our websites, e.g. (students collaboration projects). It is intended to be an additional knowledge tool for readers to become better informed. A tiny JavaScript file with 116 lines of code does the main job, plus a style sheet, Wikipedia logo (W) as a one-character-font (!) and a bullet-gif. It uses the fetch API to get the data for the preview boxes from the Wikimedia servers ( All happens local in your browser, no other server is involved. You are invited to use it as well, it's under the MIT License. If you are interested to get a message on updates send us a message


How to support?

Made by 12/01/2021; update 12/10/2021, version 1.0.0
This is a first version. Be nice & wise.

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