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Previously known as wikipediapreview box 1.0.0

What is it?

The Summary box in action and how to get the feature for any website in minutes (seconds).
See below for how to use it in WordPress.

Authors love❤️ the Summary Box feature to turn simple Wikipedia links into ones with a nice summary preview of the linked Wikipedia article! It's a tiny open source JavaScript library released under the GPLv3 license.
It works with touch or mouse, on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The story behind: Some time ago, MediaWiki came up with the wonderful idea of the Page Preview (mediawiki.org), which shows an elegant preview of a linked page on mouseover within the Wikipedia pages.
We thought this would be a nice knowledge feature for our assoc. THE ! association (see below) and could also be useful for any website! The first version was released on 12/2021.

Try it out

Mouse over or touch the following Wikipedia links with the superscript 'W' and see what happens.

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Some of our sites that use the «Summary box for Wikipedia links»:
dontwastemy.energy, lanyu.land, the-horse.education, teachingweb.org, risikosicherheit.ch.

How to use on any website

Option 1: Copy, paste & go!

Get the «Summary box for Wikipedia links» for your website in seconds!

The simplest way: Just add the following line of code to the bottom of your page, just before the </body> tag or inside the <head> tag. And that's it!

<script src="https://su-pa.net/wikiPrevBox/wikiPreviewBox.min.js" crossorigin="anonymous" defer></script>

You can skip "defer" if you place the code snippet at the bottom of your page.
See also the video above.

Alternatively, you can add the following line of code with an integrity key (SHA-384). This will ensure that the file has never been tempered either on our server or in transit. However, after an update, you will still get the older version until you update the script tag to the latest version.

<script src="https://su-pa.net/wikiPrevBox/wikiPreviewBox_111b.min.js" integrity="sha384-UPeEJIqACRF4Dgoxyw3ZooCA1DlSFrDQ/cjrGvlAy7Bjnl0boUU8MUTRZuRBRhe8" crossorigin="anonymous" defer></script>

Note: This is the latest version, older versions are always kept.

Option 2: Host it yourself

Host the «Summary box for Wikipedia links» on your own.
Download the code from the GitHub repository (github.com) and copy the folder "wikiPrevBox" to the root of your site. Add the following line of code at the bottom of your site, just before the </body> tag or inside the <head> tag.

<script src="/wikiPrevBox/wikiPreviewBox.min.js" defer></script>

You can skip "defer" if you place the code snippet at the bottom of your page.

Settings for the options above – optional

Note: If you are happy with the Summary Box as shown on this page, then you do not need any settings.

Go to the Repository on GitHub.
Every parameter is explained there.

Use it with WordPress

The «Summary box for Wikipedia links» is also available as a WordPress plugin since 20.11.2023!

Go to our Plugin Page (wordpress.org) and use it on your own site.

We also have a plugin testing page (cyon.site) for the plugin where you can find more information about the plugin and some general helpful stuff for developing a plugin.

Available parameters

Settings of the 'Summary box for Wikipedia links' WordPress plugin
Settings page of the plugin

License & Privacy


The «Summary box for Wikipedia links» library is under the GLPv3 license. The previous Version 1.0.0 was under the MIT license. WordPress plugins are usually under GLPv3, now that we have made our own plugin, we decided to switch from MIT to GLPv3 to avoid a "license mix".


Every call to a Summary box for a page preview contacts Wikipedia's servers, so you should trust Wikpedia. Your trust concerns all your visitors. Wikimedia Foundation privacy policy (wikimedia.org)

Copy, paste & go! variant (see "How to use on any website" above)

Host the code yourself or use the WordPress plugin

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