about zurich's big 5

This Website was realized 2018 at the first TWIST2018 Hackdays 25/08 & 26/08 as part of the 2018 Swiss Statistics Meeting.

Context / Question: People from other parts of Switzerland or from abroad would like to settle in Zurich. Which quarter fits best to your preferences? Based on this question the Twist2018 hack team decided to use 5 criteria as amenities (schools, sports), diversity (nationalities, age distribution, length of stay), environment (green areas, air pollution, population density, parking), living (rent, requests "züriwieneu"), culture (fountains, public art, view points).

There has been used Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD), City of Zurich. The Statistical Office of the City of Zurich has decided to publish its data as Linked Open Data.

This website
You can download the whole website including the data behind it here on github

Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD) & SPARQL
Zurich - SPARQL Endpoints
LOSD Zurich SPARQL query form
Some of the used SPARQL queries
SPARQL on Wikipedia

Data Sources
data.stadt-zuerich.ch (open data Zurich city)

Collaborators: Cristina Sarasua, Hervé Flutto, Daniele Scopece, Samuel Schaffhauser, Jeremy Savor, Michael Grüebler, Dominik Fehr, Andrea Birkhofer, Filippo Broggini, Tony Kumin, Eliane Suter, Gabriela Enuta, Klemens Rosin, Audrey Yeo

Remark: This website and the data behind are just a "Hack-Version". Not all functions are working as they would in a final version. Only the (change of the) first criteria counts and is visualized in updating the map because there is no combination & ranking of all 5 data sets so far and the Escher Wyss example visualization is an image but all shown data should be accurate.